Got post-waxing IRRITATION?

Got post-waxing IRRITATION?

If your client is dealing with post-waxing irritation or annoying folliculitis, don’t fret! We’ve got some LYCOtips to help you soothe their skin and minimise discomfort.

First things first, let’s talk about the importance of waxing in the right direction. For strip wax, always go with the hair growth, while hot waxes should be applied against the hair growth and then redirected in the natural growing direction. Remember, pull the wax against the hair growth (except for the tricky pubic area, where you can go with the hair growth if needed). Supporting the skin while waxing is key to avoiding irritation.

Now, let’s dive into our steps to tackle irritation and folliculitis:

1. Start by cleansing the skin with LYCOtane Cleanser to get it squeaky clean.

2. Next, apply a cool wet towel compress. Grab a hand towel, soak it in cold water, give it a good wring, and apply it to the affected area. Ahh, refreshing!

3. Time to combat those pesky ingrown hairs with Ingrown-X-it. Apply it generously all over the area to soothe and prevent any further irritation.

4. Follow up with the soothing powers of Tea Tree Soothe Lotion. Smooth it over the freshly waxed skin to calm inflammation and keep your client feeling relaxed.

5. Don’t forget to recommend some TLC for your client’s skin at home! Suggest they try our Ingrown-X-it solution, cream, or wipes to keep those ingrown hairs at bay in between waxing sessions.

6. And finally, educate your clients on the importance of exfoliation. LYCON sugar scrubs are an absolute treat for their skin and make for a fantastic retail product recommendation.

If a reaction occurs after using Strip wax, fear not! Consider switching to LYCOtec or LYCOdream Hot (Hard) wax, which tend to be gentler on sensitive skin. And for an extra layer of protection, use LYCON Pre-Waxing Oil before waxing to safeguard their precious skin.

Remember, reactions happen sometimes, but with these LYCOtips in your arsenal, you’ll be able to handle them like a pro and keep your clients happy and hair-free.